About Us

EllaDent is a Greek company which designs, develops, manifactures and distributes high quality dental products and medical devices.


Our primary objective is to offer the Greek and global market innovative dental products that cover the daily demands of the consumer and the health specialist and will help ensure premioral health.


The main concern of our company is the design and manufacture of safe and effective products with strict pharmaceutical criteria, guided by new data and developments of science, strict scientific scrutiny and full respect for humans and the natural environment.


We make sure that our quality policy complies with all modern requirements and current legislation.

Our basic principle and commitment is to identify and meet the needs and requirements of our customer, the constant improvement of quality as well as scientific guarantee in combination with our experienced and highly trained staff.


Aspiration and persuit of EllaDent is to be a valuable partner for dentists and to support faithfully, honestly and with immediacy its co-operation with the Greek pharmacies.