SENSI D Toothpaste

SENSI D Toothpaste

SENSI•D Toothpaste 75ml

Daily care of hypersensitive teeth

Ideal for

Treats immediately and significantly painful symptoms of sensitive teeth

Reconstructs tooth enamel and offers whiter and shinier teeth

Prevents of decay and dental plaque

Moisturizes oral cavity

Unique combination of pharmaceutical & natural active ingredients


Hydroxyapatite micro-particles for natural repair of damaged enamel

Potassium Nitrate for immediate pain relief from external stimuli (cold-sweet-acid) in tooth enamel

Re-Mineral Complex (Fluoride 1445 ppm - Phosphorus - Calcium) strengthens tooth enamel and prevents growth of tartar and caries. Replenishes enamel minerals & protects against food acids and germs

Betaine moisturizes, soothes and reduces irritation in the oral cavity


It contains no alcohol and parabens so it does not cause dry mouth.
Suitable for patients with Diabetes.
Pleasant and cool taste of freshness.

Suitable for
Adults & children over 6 years

Instructions for use
Brush 2-3 times a day for 1 minute
Ideal before bedtime and/or avoid eating for 15-20 minutes after each use

Combined ideally with EllaDent Sensi D Mouthwash & Gel

Greek product


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